My Social Media Detox and Return!

social media detox

Hello! After what feels like EONS away from the online world, my social media detox is over. In a world where it is nearly impossible to detach from electronic devices at work or in our personal lives, it is important now more than ever to take a digital break to restore your mind, focus and energy. It took me nearly two years to get back into blogging because initially, I found myself resisting what I knew I had to do. At the time of my last post, I was struggling with balancing an intense full time job, with life in a new city (Dubai), relationships, lifestyle goals, travelling, unrealistic online expectations etc. In short, I was doing too much and I kept thinking I needed to do even more because…you know, everyone wants to be a #GirlBoss (ask instagram ha!).

The reality is that there are only so many hours in a day, and the old adage is right to a certain extent – “jack of all trades, master of none”. I am a STRONG believer in being multi-faceted, knowing a lot about different things, and having goals that span different spectrums – look at Elon Musk for example. However, without focus, it means nothing. I needed direction, and the best way was to take a break from all my online  ‘distractions’ so that I could practice mindfulness and set goals for myself that wasn’t influenced by what I was seeing on the internet.

The first step was to detach my self from all social media networks, which was hard because I LOVE instagram! It is my no.1 resource for planning holidays and other inspiration but if one is not careful, instagram can really warp your sense of reality. There are already a lot of articles about this (Elle and Forbes) so I wont expand on this further.I also decided to stop blogging (sorry :-( ) and youtubing to get some direction on what I truly wanted to convey by having an online presence. It was wonderful to have that social media detox, and although I felt guilty for being away, the time out was amazing. I was able to focus on my career goals, truly enjoy my vacation time, fall in love with Dubai and just really live in the experiences I had previously only looked at through electronic lenses. Although the initial part was hard (I posted twice on instagram in 2016! shocker!), it was quite easy to get into the swing of things and not really MISS social media!


The best part of limiting my social network use is that I finally got the clarity I wanted and in the past few months, I got that yearning to express my creativity again! So Im back with a blog rebrand – (I hope you like the name!). It was inspired by my main obsession – my love for travel, exploring and adventure.

During my digital detox I travelled a lot – Hong Kong, Singapore, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, Prague, New York, Beirut etc. I really need to start counting to keep track but a mini travel video compilation will be posted on my youtube channel soon. I have lots of content to share and have decided this blog will be a lifestyle platform, primarily in relation to travel and my expat life in Dubai but with sections on my other interests in fashion and beauty. I hope you will enjoy following my posts on here, youtube and instagram – I would love to get to get to know my readers/viewers a lot more, so please do drop me a comment on any of those platforms so that we can interact!

Genuinely, I would encourage anyone struggling with mental clarity to take a short (or however long you need) social media detox, it feels like I just vacuumed all the cobwebs in my head! haha! Have you had that feeling before? If so, please let me know I’m not alone by sharing your experience below :-)





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  1. October 9, 2017 / 12:28 am

    I couldn’t sleep and I just randomly came on to see if you’d posted anything and you have! I can understand the pressure of trying to balance a lot of stuff all at once. But it’s great to see you’re back!

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