Travel Tips: Long Weekend in Beirut

A couple of weekends ago my friends and I escaped Dubai’s summer heat for a long weekend in Beirut. We have been kicking ourselves ever since for not going there sooner especially as it is only four hours away from Dubai! We had an awesome time, and here is what we got up to!

Day 1: Day trip to Byblos

I never go on a trip without trying to get insight into the culture of the country, and Byblos was a perfect location to learn about the history of Lebanon. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is described as one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The vibe in Byblos is so chill, we loved strolling through the port and the historic centre with the souks but exploring Byblos Castle was my favorite part – the views of Beirut were insane from the top!



Day 1: Pebbles Beach Bar

After exploring Byblos, we were desperate for a few drinks and a big lunch so we went to Pebbles Beach Bar to join some of our Lebanese friends. OMG loved this place! The super chilled vibe is something that I really think is missing in Dubai’s beach clubs. The burgers were so tasty and the drinks too! Our only regret was forgetting to bring our swimsuits for dipping into the ocean!

Day 1:  Evening

What happens at nightime in Beirut, stays in Beirut haha. I can tell you that we started off at decks on the beach, then finished our night at the famous bunker club BO18.

Day 2: Iris Beach Club

After a big breakfast to recover from our big night out, we spent the afternoon at Iris beach Club. Again, I fell in love as soon as we walked in to the sounds of chilled deep house and the deep blue vistas of the Mediterranean sea.

Rose everyday YAY!

Day 2: Evening

We spent a laughter filled evening on the balcony of our suite at the Smallville hotel before heading down to Mar Mikhaël for dinner. This was a very trendy industrial area with lots of cool bars and restaurants. It reminded me a lot of shoreditch in London and we spent the night bar hopping.

Day 3: American University

We had all been told separately by our Lebanese friends in Dubai to check out the American University while we were in Beirut. I had wondered why anyone would want to spend valuable vacation time in a university (what a paradox! ha!) but we soon found out why. We spent our morning exploring the beautiful green grounds of the university and its a wonder how anyone gets work done there! I could definitely see myself skipping class to lay on a picnic blanket and get lost in a juicy novel.


Day 3: Lunch at Sea Salt

Hands down Sea Salt was my favorite lunch spot. The sea views were breathtaking and the FOOD, the FOOD was spectacular! Freshly caught and grilled fish, rich delicious salads, hummus etc. It was the best spot to end a fabulous weekend in Beirut.

We ate so quick there was no way I could get a decent picture of the spread, but trust me when I say it was delicious!

(Should have kept my shades on after all that FOOD! haha!)

My friends and I are planning to go back to Beirut for the winter season, have you been to Beirut? If so please send me some tips here or on my instagram page – Whatdelsdid. You might also catch some clips of our secret night out as soon as my Beirut Travel Vlog is up on my Youtube chanel.


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